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InfoClick 1.2.7 released

Posted: 2021-06-29 08:26:03
by martin
This version is a maintenance update intended to fix several issues.
The first time you run the new version a database rebuild is required.
This update is free for all existing users of InfoClick.

Get the Update:
If you purchased from Nisus Software directly (via, you can update in several ways:
• Update from inside the app using the menu InfoClick > Check For Updates.
• Update by downloading the new version from our website.

If you purchased from Apple using the Mac App Store, the update is available through the App Store.

• Fixed: very large email collections (approaching 1 million emails) could trigger database corruptions.
• Changed: improvements to reject inaccurate and erroneous dates in received emails.
• Fixed: can't save searches.
• Fixed: mailto links could incorrectly prevent detection of regular http links.
• Fixed: abnormally excessive amounts of mailto links in an email should not trigger hangs.
• Fixed: showing the contextual menu in a search field can trigger errors.
• Fixed: avert a handful of rare situations that can lead to crashes.