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Re: Replace character style

Posted: 2022-08-09 12:56:35
by xiamenese
Hi Tacitus,

I'm really glad to help.

I've been using NW(P) since it was first available on OS-X I didn't use Nisus Claasic, though I had it, as I was using Word 5.1a (the last good version of Word in my opinion!), but I did get Nisus installed on 24 Macs at the School of Languages where I was working so that students of Arabic and Chinese in particular had a truly viable word processing system (early 90's when the PC labs were still running MS-DOS!); but it misfired slightly in that the news of our lab of Macs spread across the university and the lab was taken up much of the time by students from other faculties. And I've been using Scrivener since January 2007.

I would be desperate without them both, so I'm really happy to help anyone, particularly anyone using the two in combination.



Re: Replace character style

Posted: 2022-08-10 01:30:26
by Tacitus
TBH I go back to the Classic Nisus 5.1.3. I first used it when I moved from Claris Works which had mangled my final year Diss. You could run Nisus on a Ram Drive and get 3 hours out of a laptop battery. Very good until you forgot to copy back to the hard drive.... Overall, it proved a wise decision and apart from a brief excursion to Mellel when the early Nisus OSX was not looking promising, I've remained with it ever since and have no inclination to move.

Unlike you, my needs are relatively simple, no R -> L languages which Mellel makes a big thing of. As for macros I can remember Phillip, Kino and Nobumi from the old Dartmouth list. Kirk McElhearn who now does podcasts for Scriv was also there, living in France at the time as I recall.

I encountered an early version of Scriv a few years later in Grad school when footnotes were still a nightmare. For a long time I used formatted footnotes in the text along with a macro from Phillip (I think) which converted them to 'proper' footnotes. It wasn't until Scriv V3 that I bit the bullet and made the effort to work through the tutorials together with a lot of questions on the Scriv forum.

Like you I find Scriv and Nisus an ideal combination and would be loath to lose either of them. Throw in Bookends, another I can remember as a single floppy disk, and you have the ideal academic set.

That concludes the trip down memory lane. :D Thanks for the help everyone and best wishes to all.