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Feature request: paragraph numbering - revamp an existing but forgotten and very useful feature

Posted: 2024-04-23 08:26:49
by MathiasF
Who knows "Paragraph numbers" ? (see Menu entry "View" "Linenumbers" "Show Paragraph Numbers This Section" for disambiguation).

For contractual, reporting or legal matters, this is invaluable. It enables us to number paragraphs or lines of a draft being discussed. And this feature exists !

Additionally, we need a paragraph formatting feature telling "no paragraph counting" (respectively "Don't count Lines of this paragraph") and of course also "Don't print them" for certain (selected) paragraphs. Ideally selected at the style level respectively at the direct formatting level !

By the way, this line and paragraph numbering feature belongs in the "format" menu. Pretty near to the "Page Setup" (presently in the file menu) which also is to be viewed as a Page/Section formatting feature.

My gut feeling is that the existence of this useful (but not completely polished) feature is unknown to most of us, and therefore, there are no feature requests. But it is extremely useful when discussing precisely texts like norms, contracts, legal and the like.

This feature request is related to a discussion seven years ago... : viewtopic.php?t=6826