Feature request: Catalogue

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Feature request: Catalogue

Post by Abdassamad » 2007-10-17 07:59:35

Dear Nisus,

At the risk of duplicating what must be a fairly common request, as a long time user of Nisus Classic, I have come to the state of almost complete dependence on its catalogue and the ability to search across multiple files (in Arabic), and as I am about to migrate to an Intel machine, whose speed I seriously need, and so have to leave Nisus Classic behind, I urgently need those functions in NW Pro. Please.


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Post by ptram » 2007-10-21 15:08:38


You probably already know of it, but I aks just to be sure: isn't the Spotlight search engine doing the same?

Also, the Window > Document manager command should be a bit like the old Catalog window (apart for the Search function, that would have been a duplicate of Spotlight).


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