Inserting images at actual size

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Inserting images at actual size

Post by pilky » 2008-10-01 05:29:31

Does anyone know how to get an image into Nisus Writer Express without it resizing it? I'm wanting to add some images that will fit within the page, but it seems intent of scaling up the images and providing no easy method to set them back to their actual size.


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Re: Inserting images at actual size

Post by martin » 2008-10-01 12:07:35

When you first insert an image it will be displayed using its natural/full size, unless it is too large to fit in the current page/column/cell, in which case it will be automatically constrained. If an image in the document is not being displayed at its natural size you can use the contextual menu item "Restore Original Size". Hope this helps.

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