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Macro needed

Post by bongobuzz » 2011-05-01 11:50:54

I'm using Nisus Writer Pro and have a very large file. It is arranged using MARC (MAchine-Readable Cataloging) fields, the common format for library online catalogs in North America. The field I need to alter begins with 852 $a. Following $a there are extraneous numbers. I need to get rid of the numbers preceding the numbers I really wish to include. They consist of three or more numbers, ALWAYS followed by a space. The data following the space is what I want to include.

Can someone tell me of a preexisting Nisus macro that will do this? Or write me one that does?

Buzz Haughton

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Re: Macro needed

Post by martin » 2011-05-02 00:27:04

Hi Buzz, I don't think there's a macro written for this, but it doesn't sound too difficult a thing to write. But let's make sure I understand what your data looks like. So, you have text that might look like:

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852 $a 1 more text data
852 $a 12 more text data
852 $a 123 more text data
And you want a macro to turn it into:

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852 $a more text data
852 $a more text data
852 $a more text data
If I'm wrong, then please, give examples of the before/after state you want to see.

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