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I rely on Nisus Writer Express's autosave feature, but I would prefer it to create temporary autosave files in the Document Manager rather than overwriting the original files.

When I edit a document, I generally need to keep a copy of the original and a record of the revision history. Under the current arrangement, I need to copy and rename each document before I open it or else open and save each document under a new name before the first autosave kicks in. I have to admit that it's easy for me to forget to do this.

What I'd prefer might interfere with how the Document Manager is intended to work. Although I like having the Document Manager there for autosaves or unnamed files, I mostly ignore it, so I'm not completely sure how a change in autosave would affect those who rely primarily on the Document Manager. I'd be quite happy to treat the Document Manager as a kind of glorified backup folder, holding autosaves of both unnamed documents and of named documents that have been saved there or elsewhere.

If some people like autosave to behave as it currently does and some prefer a different way, perhaps it would be worth allowing users to set their preferred behavior in Preferences. How do other Nisus users feel about this?


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Craig and others,

We have been giving a lot of thought to how the Document Manager and Autosave work. We haven't made any changes for version 2.0. However, we appreciate all your thoughts on how you do and would use the tool to make your work flow easier.

As always, thank you for your thoughts on how we can make Nisus Writer Express a better writing tool.
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