George RR Martin still uses WordStar 4.0 for Microsoft DOS

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George RR Martin still uses WordStar 4.0 for Microsoft DOS

Post by martin »

Here's a video interview of the famous author with Conan O'Brien. And while he's right that it's great to have a word processor that puts the user in charge, we at Nisus think this can be accomplished while also giving the user access to modern features!
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Re: George RR Martin still uses WordStar 4.0 for Microsoft D

Post by ptram »

Over the years, Nisus' fullscreen mode (the one you can access from the Draft view) has greatly improved, and is now not far from Scrivener's. I admit working there most of the time, since it proves to be a great distraction-free environment. Shortcuts to show/hide the Navigator is a joy with long texts.

What I miss is, probably, a) an alternative font when switching to fullscreen mode, b) typewriter mode (with the cursor staying in the middle of the screen), and c) a set of color presets, to quickly choose the right combination for day (green text) and night (amber text).

But, being as easy as it is changing colors in Nisus, I guess that request (c) would be more unnecessary bloat than need. Request (a) might be something that I still would like to see implemented (even if the automatic change of font size is already a great help - still, Serif fonts in page view, and Egyptian fonts in fullscreen mode would be nice for added readibility). And request (b) seems something I would really like.

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