How does autosave work in Nisus Writer Pro?

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How does autosave work in Nisus Writer Pro?

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Nisus Writer Pro adopts standard autosave provided by the system (macOS).

How does macOS autosave work?
The exact scheduling is determined macOS, but according to Apple's documentation autosave is activated during pauses in your work. If you work continuously autosave is apparently triggered after 5 minutes.

Nisus Writer has a preference that allows you to further restrict how often autosave occurs. You can use it to limit how often autosaves occur, if you feel the system autosave occurs too frequently.

How does the document versions feature work?
The document version history provided by macOS records multiple versions of each document. The system captures new versions of your document using autosave while you're working on it. You can also create versions of your document manually by using regular Save commands. Multiple copies of each document are stored by macOS.

For information on how to restore autosaved content, please see our FAQ on how to restore lost documents and data.
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