How do I completely reset my preferences for Nisus Writer Pro?

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How do I completely reset my preferences for Nisus Writer Pro?

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In some special situations you may want to remove all customizations made to Nisus Writer Pro, restoring all settings back to their original defaults. This includes clearing general preferences, new document templates, keyboard shortcuts, the Document Manager, language and editing options, etc.

The instructions below will reset all of Nisus Writer's preferences and its sandbox container. The latter will sometimes fix odd problems related to system permission errors.

WARNING: Your settings, preferences, and customizations will be lost!
Before you follow these instructions, be absolutely certain that you don't mind losing any customizations you've made to Nisus Writer. If you take the steps given below, all Nisus Writer settings and preferences will be reset to their default.

If you want to reset Nisus Writer, but preserve your own customizations, you can first backup your Nisus Writer settings. Once you've made a backup, follow the instructions below to perform the reset. Once you've reset Nisus Writer and verified that it runs correctly, return to the backup instructions and use them to restore your backup settings.

How to completely reset Nisus Writer Pro:
The instructions assume some familiarity with Apple's Terminal utility application.

1. Quit Nisus Writer if it is running.
2. Launch Apple’s Terminal application.
3. Enter and execute the command:

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defaults delete com.nisus.NisusWriter
That command will clear away all preferences.

4. Enter and execute the command:

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mv ~/Library/Containers/com.nisus.NisusWriter ~/Desktop
That command will move Nisus Writer’s sandbox folder to the Desktop, so the system (Mac OS X / macOS) is forced to create a fresh sandbox container.

5. Restart your entire Mac to ensure cached settings are cleared.
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