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iCloud Drive not available on regular NWE

Posted: 2018-04-16 19:05:24
by sgtaylor500
I've bought SoftMaker Office 2018 (for the spreadsheet module, mainly) and I still like NWE much better!! (A loooonnnng time ago, I had a copy of Nisus Writer Classic, too. (SE-30 days.)

Here's my question: iCloud Drive can't be accessed unless one buys the sandboxed MAS version, so says the error dialog. After much searching of cloud services, I'd like to just use iCloud Drive, and not Dropbox. So, what now? I own the non-sandboxed version of NWE.

If I buy the MAS version, I'm just buying it all over again. and If I want to upgrade to Pro with the MAS version of NWE, I'd have to buy at full price ($79.00), wouldn't I?

Re: iCloud Drive not available on regular NWE

Posted: 2018-05-16 09:23:25
by sgtaylor500
To close things up, I finally bought Nisus Writer Pro from you, because I wanted you to have the full $49.00. iCloud works fine if I set the Document Manager folder to "iCloud" and set the saving location to "Document Manager".