These are the release notes for an older version of Nisus Writer Pro.
For current information, please see our version and release notes archive.

Changes in Version 2.0.2

  • Changed: improved in-application feedback reporter (on the Help menu).
  • Fixed: Nisus New File can fail to load when running a non-English localization, preventing launch.
  • Fixed: crash that can occur on Lion when OSX probes/changes all scroll view settings. Only occurs if documents have been closed with certain types of GUI interactions.
  • Fixed: import: WordPerfect documents can fail to import.
  • Added: added Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) localization.
  • Fixed: possible crash when assigning menu shortcuts for dynamically controlled menus.
  • Fixed: possible crash when saving files with certain nested fields / cross-references.
  • Fixed: images edited via LinkBack would incorrectly revert to prior state when a file was saved & reopened, even though the correct (most recent) LinkBack data was saved and loaded from the file.
  • Fixed: import: some floating text boxes from imported files could be lost if many text boxes were anchored near the end of the file.
  • Fixed: comments: if a comment history becomes highlighted (because the marked text is selected in the document), the active comment in the history must not change.
  • Fixed: spell: all parts of a URL should be excluded from spellcheck, not just the first fragment (eg: domain).
  • Changed: our application support folder name should be "Nisus Writer Pro", not just "Nisus Writer". If the old folder exists, we move old materials and create a link to the new folder.
  • Changed: when reopening a document and restoring/scrolling the selection, it should be centered in view.
  • Fixed: if a font disappears (is uninstalled) while Nisus Writer is running, we need to redisplay text using that font with the special highlight colors.
  • Fixed: import: footnotes/endnotes often import from .doc/.docx files with tab stop characters errantly inserted at the start of the note's text.
  • Added: TOC: navigator pane options button should allow user to change active TOC style.
  • Changed: Convert From Unicode made more lenient in scanning.
  • Fixed: ruler: the first document opens with two left tab stop markers in the ruler tab well menu, instead of a left tab and a decimal tab.
  • Fixed: MenuKey preferences should reload the available menu list when switching back to that preference pane.