These are the release notes for an older version of Nisus Writer Pro.
For current information, please see our version and release notes archive.

Changes in version 2.0.4

  • Fixed: print: preview in print dialog can be clipped/zoomed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Apple's "Start Dictation" menu command should appear on the Edit menu (when using OSX 10.8)
  • Fixed: hyphenation for non-English languages wasn't always correct.
  • Fixed: using the Color panel can incorrectly spread colors to other content.
  • Fixed: clicking links to files can fail to open the file. The "Show Linked File in Finder" command could also fail.
  • Fixed: Nisus Writer can fail to launch for some users if certain fonts provide incomplete information.
  • Fixed: export: exporting an EPUB with special characters in TOC/Chapter names can fail to export all content from the document.
  • Fixed: right-clicking the style list in stylesheet view can crash/hang on OSX 10.8.
  • Fixed: the font size can fail to change in a document that has a Normal style whose font size is not 12pt.
  • Fixed: toc: possible hang when copy-pasting certain multipart selections with applied TOCs.
  • Fixed: using the color panel to change the color of a style's paragraph border/edge is awkward because the panel reverts to black.
  • Fixed: redisplay flickers ungracefully when zooming in/out Draft View.
  • Fixed: if the entire document is selected, should not autoscroll after making a formatting change.