Nisus Writer Pro 2.0.6 Release Notes

These are the release notes for an older version of Nisus Writer Pro.
For current information, please see our version and release notes archive.

Highlighted Changes

  • Addressed several bugs that could cause crashes:
    • Fixed: deleting pages, directly or indirectly (eg: by deleting page breaks), can cause crash if last visible page needed to be removed during redraw.
    • Fixed: tables: possible crash when importing/pasting content with certain configurations of nested tables (eg: from Safari).
    • Fixed: import: if primary document importer fails, using the fallback importer should not cause crashes.
    • Fixed: possible crash when inserting text near the end of a text area that uses the "Display as Capitalized" case changing attribute.
    • Changed: attempt to prevent to prevent possible Page View crash on OSX 10.6 when typing.
  • Fixed: lists: should be able to set list starting number for a single paragraph in the document text, ie: override starting list number enforced by styles.
  • Fixed: deleting some text should persist the formatting of that text in the typing attributes, eg: text typed just afterwards should have the same attributes.
  • Fixed: import: documents with certain configurations of floating content could fail to import.
  • Added: palettes: holding down the Command key when clicking a palette stepper's up/down arrows will restore the old behavior, where the first shown value is applied uniformly to the entire selection, instead of adjusting all selected values independently.
  • Fixed: palettes: using a palette stepper's down arrow should affect all selected values, even if the first selected value is at zero.

Other Changes

  • Changed: loc: minor changes to the German localization.
  • Fixed: index: rebuilding/inserting a generated text index could still result in some warnings when reopening the document, if the indexing spanned certain kinds of smart content (eg: automatic document property).
  • Opt: index: faster to rebuild generated indexes.
  • Opt: tables: opening documents in Draft View with many tables is much faster.
  • Fixed: tables: fixed another situation where: if a spanning cell's borders overlaps several other cells, the border should be drawn consistently along those cells.
  • Fixed: lists: if a paragraph style inherits a list style from its parent, but changes the list level, then the relevant indents from that level should be enforced.
  • Fixed: lists: a ruler's tab stop can be incorrectly striped when opening a file if the tab stop's location is exactly the automatic-tab-distance away from the list item's location (the first line head indent).
  • Fixed: notes: a note reference whose formatting overrides that of the applied paragraph style can be lost when (re)opening documents, eg: trying to make a note reference in a Heading paragraph.
  • Fixed: after first typing a Soft Return at the very end of a document in Page View, the paragraph's "after" spacing can be incorrectly applied to the new line until layout is recalculated (eg: by reopening the file).
  • Fixed: links: applying a list style to a paragraph that starts with a hyperlink should not spread that link to the newly created list item/bullet.
  • Fixed: images: just after pressing modifier keys (eg: Shift) the mouse cursor could be incorrect for inline image actions (eg: resize).
  • Fixed: macro: pressing Command + Period should abort the current macro, even if a dialog is being shown.
  • Fixed: App Store build should not include "Check For Updates" menu.
  • Fixed: import: LibreOffice-based importer should not write to files inside its own app package.