Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.4 Release Notes

These are the release notes for an older version.
For current information, please see our version and release notes archive.

Highlighted Changes

  • Fixed: closed a potential security risk in Sparkle, the automatic update framework used by Nisus Writer.
  • Fixed: the last version introduced a bug where list items may not always update with the correct formatting.
  • Fixed: lang: if an inserted cross-reference is set to show the suffix "above" or "below", it should be localized based on the text's applied language attribute, not the localization of the application's interface.
  • Fixed: macros that rely upon English menu titles should not fail when using a non-English localization.
  • Fixed: imported DOC/DOCX documents could unnecessarily trigger a warning when comments were zero length.

Other Changes

  • Updated the macros "Find in All Open Documents" and "Replace in All Open Documents" to be more user friendly.
  • Changed: lang: adjusted translation for "above" and "below" in German and French.
  • Fixed: should not crash if computer's MAC cannot be read, when checking for a Mac App Store (MAS) receipt.
  • Fixed: saving a PDF to any other hard drive except the startup drive can fail to add links and other special data.
  • Changed: images: attempt to fix problems with linked images not updating correctly when stored on a separate hard drive.
  • Fixed: images: double-clicking a linked image lacking sandbox permissions should trigger an alert that lets the user fix it.
  • Added: macros: added the properties "activeTocStyleName" and "activeTextIndexStyleName" to the Document object.
  • Fixed: possible crash when importing documents that have footnotes/endnotes inside table cells.
  • Changed: should not attempt to import Excel files, resulting in gibberish.
  • Fixed: clicking on intra-document links in unsaved documents should not prompt the user for sandbox file access.
  • Changed: added our current Spanish localizer Daniel E. Josephy Hernández to the about box credits.
  • Changed: clicking the about box's credits to flip through the info should stop the automatic animation.