Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.5 Release Notes

These are the release notes for an older version.
For current information, please see our version and release notes archive.

Highlighted Changes

  • Fixed some problems with conversion of DOC, DOCX, and ODT files:
    • a small number of users could not convert those file formats at all.
    • exporting those file formats with certain tracked changes could incorrectly mark the entire document's text as changed.
    • importing those file formats would discard tracked formatting changes, and would insert random numbers into the text.
    • line numbers could incorrectly be turned on when exporting those file formats.
  • Fixed: lists: documents from Word can sometimes open with incorrect list bullet characters, or incorrectly duplicated list items.
  • Fixed: duplicate backups should always be autosaved when closing documents.
  • Fixed: using a non-English localization should not trigger warnings when reopening certain documents with indexing.
  • Fixed: cross-references with an "above" or "below" suffix could incorrectly ignore the language when enforced by a style.
  • Fixed: copy-paste of an image from Apple's Photos app should insert the image, not a link to that image file.
  • Fixed: reverting a plain text document after adding formatting could trigger layout errors, and the document could not be closed.

Other Changes

  • Fixed: renaming an open document incorrectly leaves the old entry in the Open Recent menu.
  • Fixed: hyperlink displays incorrectly in tracked change bubble.
  • Fixed: using "Index As" on a multi-part selection should not default the topic to all the selected text joined together with newlines, but only use the first selection.
  • Changed: after using the "Index As" menu, the dialog should open with focus in the topic field.
  • Fixed: possible crash when adjusting the paragraph border padding for paragraphs with different border settings.
  • Fixed: crash would occur if using QuickSave and an error occurred.
  • Fixed: images: if ruler indents are applied to an inline image that are larger than the image's width, could trigger layout hang.
  • Fixed: table columns imported from DOC/DOCX should never import with zero width.
  • Opt: if a document was reopened and happened to be selected in the Document Manager, could result in an unnecessary delay.
  • Fixed: some typos in the Spanish special characters palette and preferences panes.
  • Fixed: possible crash when updating smart content, under very specific conditions.
  • Fixed: try to fix unverified crash when using the Choose Folder macro command.
  • Fixed: try to prevent unverified crash in special characters customization window.

Macro Changes

  • Added: macros: new command Set Menu State makes it easier to toggle state based menus.
  • Added: macros: new commands Set Bold and Set Italic ensure the respective font face options.
  • Fixed: macros: the "Prompt Options command would return the wrong value if the list of options was multiple pages and the user selected a value beyond the first page.
  • Fixed: macros: using the command File.readStringAtPath with a literal string encoding value instead of a variable that receives the output encoding could result in weird errors. Same with Run Applescript and the output error description.
  • Fixed: macros: the "Find All and Show Context" macro failed if the user chose to copy all the matches to a new file.
  • Changed: macros: the calculation macros should alert the user if an encountered number is ambiguous.