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     With integrated support for all the major development environments on the Macintosh, QUED/M provides a superior alternative to your IDE's editor. Supporting the CodeWarrior, Symantec C++, THINK C, and MPW compilers and debuggers, QUED/M allows you to compile and build applications for these environments at the same time. With such powerful features you will never need to leave QUED/M to develop your applications.

THINK C Support
Use your QUED/M just as if it were THINK C's integrated editor! Opening a file from the project window automatically launches QUED/M. QUED/M's THINK menu gives you instant access to the most commonly used commands. All #include files are instantly accessible from QUED/M's title bar!
THINK Reference Support
Instantly lookup selected Mac OS commands in Think ReferenceTM
Virtually Integrated CodeWarriorTM Support
Now you can use your favorite editor with your favorite PowerPC compiler, almost as if it were CodeWarrior's integrated editor! QUED/M's CodeWarrior menu gives you instant access to the most commonly used commands! Use CodeWarrior commands in QUED/M's macros to compile, link, build and name an application with a single click!
GNU Diff File Comparison
Lets you see differences between two files. Automatically marks them and even merges the differences into one file - makes code integrations a snap! Click any difference marker to jump to that spot in the compared file.
MPW ToolServer support
Use Apple events to pass commands to the ToolServer. Why use MPW's less powerful integrated editor when you can access the ToolServer from within QUED/M?
Preserve Foreign Resources
Allows you to preserve all original resources of a file even after editing and saving the file in QUED/M.
Full Macro Language
Lets you create custom menu commands to automate repetitive tasks.
CODE Modules
Use this feature to create your own external commands - QUED/M allows you to implement external source code as a QUED/M menu command, allowing you to add virtually any feature you wish to a QUED/M menu.

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