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  1. Dynamic coloring of C/C++ keywords and comments automatically colors your code.
  2. Macros with a powerful new Programming Dialect provide built-in, Basic-like commands.
  3. Macro Builder puts the most common macro commands in easy-to-use menus. Just choose a command from the menu and it is inserted into your macro.
  4. Text Folding is great for outlining and hiding individual loops inside your code.
  5. Powerful Search and Replace provides regular expressions more powerful than GREP. Use the PowerFind Menus to insert GREP expressions directly into the Find window. And QUED/M has always been able to search multiple, unopened files.
  6. Low price.
  7. Powerful and Practical Editing: Noncontiguous selection. Unlimited Undo and Redo.
  8. Find All: Selects all occurrences of the Find expression simultaneously even across multiple files.
  9. Virtually Integrated CodeWarriorTM Support Now you can use your favorite editor with your favorite PowerPC compiler, almost as if it were CodeWarrior's integrated editor! QUED/M's CodeWarrior menu gives you instant access to the most commonly used commands! Use CodeWarrior Catalog and menu commands in QUED/M's macros to compile, link, build and name an application with a single click!
  10. HTML Macros for creating Web pages. To apply an HTML tag, just select it from the macros menu. You can even use custom keywords to colorize all tags.

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