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Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy and your confidentiality is something we at Nisus Software take very seriously. We hope the following will help you understand what happens to the information we collect.


Nisus Software, Inc. does not sell or rent names or email addresses to anyone. We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive. These addresses are not used for any other purpose and are not shared with outside parties. This includes feedback reports that are sent through some of our products. Documents you send to us are only used for the purpose of diagnosing issues. These documents are deleted by customer request.

We understand that our customers are very concerned about receiving spam or other unsolicited offers. With that in mind, we are very careful what we send and who we send it to.

Online Orders

The information you provide us while placing an order is only used to complete that order. Order information is collected by Ultracart, our third-party partner that provides our shopping cart software. Ultracart forwards only your name, email address, and if you order physical goods, your shipping address and phone number as well as the list of products purchased. Ultracart does not provide payment details. Orders are stored for a period of one year, then deleted by Ultracart.

You can read the entire UltraCart privacy statement here.

We collect this information to identify you as a license holder if you contact us for support, for a refund, for upgrade pricing, and to re-send your license number. This information is not passed on to third parties, except for the purposes of completing your purchase (for example, your credit card information is passed on to our credit card processor to authorize the transaction).

Credit card information (credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code) is not stored or collected. When you purchase from us the card information is sent to our credit card processor and is not stored on any Nisus server, even temporarily.

We retain the information related to your purchase indefinitely for support purposes, unless you ask us to remove it. If you wish to request this purchase information to be removed, please contact us. If you do request this, please keep a copy of your purchased licenses, as we will no longer be able to look up this information once we remove it from our system.

App Update Checking

You may optionally have our apps check for updates to see if a newer version is available. You can update if you choose to do so. This option can be turned off in the app's preferences panel.

For apps that were purchased directly from Nisus, an update check request will be periodically sent to a Nisus server. This request contains a small amount of metadata about your device (for example, which operating system version your machine is running).

For apps purchased from the Mac App Store update checking is done by the operating system and that information is processed by Apple.

Web Browsing and Cookies

Nisus Software, Inc. uses cookies for the sole purpose of retaining state information between webpages. Nisus Software uses cookies which only store information for the duration of your connection with our server.

Personal information is not collected automatically when you navigate our web site. However, your browser does tell us the type of computer you are using and the operating system.

Our support forum uses cookies to assign a unique, non-identifiable ID during your session if you are a visitor. If you choose to create an account the forum database stores your name, email, and any other details you provide. This data can be accessed, updated, or deleted by the account holder using the tools provided by the forum. This data is not shared, outside of what is shown publicly by the forum itself. Any non-public forum data is not used by Nisus for any purposes outside of administering the forum.

WordPress, which is used for our blog, uses cookies to keep you logged in.

Our website contains links to other web sites and we are not responsible for privacy on those sites.

Nisus Newsletter

Occasionally we will send email to update you on new or updated products and special offers. If you decide to subscribe to our newsletter we ask for only your email address and we send an email to that address to confirm your subscription to the list.

The Nisus Newsletter may contain some code known as a "web beacon", which tracks when and how often readers view the email. Links within our newsletter may also include parameters that track which links are clicked.

This information is used to help us understand how readers interact with our newsletter. The information gathered does not uniquely identify any particular recipient; it is used only in aggregate.

If you don't want to receive the Nisus Newsletter, you may unsubscribe at any time.


Customers who live in the European Union may request to have their data corrected or deleted under the General Data Protection Regulation by contacting us and providing a proper means of identification.

Send GDPR requests to:

Third Party Tools

Questions and Feedback

This privacy policy page will be continually updated on an as-needed basis and might change or be edited at any time. The most up-to-date information will always be available from this page.

If you have any questions or concerns with our privacy policies please contact us.

Last Updated May 25, 2018