copy and pasting styles doesn't always work

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copy and pasting styles doesn't always work

Post by Derick » 2007-07-12 12:09:00

I know I was able to copy and paste styles from one document to another, following the NWP Beta forum workaround on the "import styles" thread. But it hasn't worked today (with NWP v1.0) - here's what's been happening:

I open a document, go to Style Sheet View, click and drag to select all the styles, then hit command-C to copy them. I get a beep.

I open a second document, go to Style Sheet View, hit command-P to paste. Nothing changes.

It's as if nothing got copied to the clipboard.

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After some trial and error, it appears that if I just select the styles in the categories of Character Styles, Paragraph Styles or List Styles, I can copy these over and past them in a new document. But the note styles still give that beep and refuse to copy.

Which means I'll need to manually recreate the note styles for each of the seven chapters in the ms. I'm working on. :(

Hopefully importing styles will be a priority for a new feature , as requested in the beta forum thread ref. above.

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Post by martin » 2007-07-12 12:30:22

Thanks for reporting this Derick- I'd consider it a bug that you can't copy paste Note Styles and have filed it as such.

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