Finding embedded documents

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Finding embedded documents

Post by ngazidja » 2007-05-02 06:06:15

In NWE it was possible to insert the body of one document into another. I did this quite enthusiastically for a while, but now find I have a document with others embedded but ca no longer find the originals. I'd like to find them or otherwise retreive them - they're currently visible in the master document, but I can't do anything with them - they're "framed" like images. How do I find them? Any suggestions?


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Post by martin » 2007-05-02 13:23:30

As far as I know there is no way to embed RTF documents inside one another in NWX. When you drag a file icon to an NWX window the contents of the file are simply copied into the destination document. There is no linking/embedding. I hope that helps.

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