Help menu launches Adobe Reader...

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Help menu launches Adobe Reader...

Post by Derick »

...a slow-loading, bloated & ugly PDF reader, imho.

I managed to change this to Preview by looking inside the NWP package > Resources & changing help.pdf to open with Preview.

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Re: Help menu launches Adobe Reader...

Post by Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus »

Derick wrote:...a slow-loading, bloated & ugly PDF reader, imho.
You're speakin' da troof, brotha!
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Post by greenmorpher »

True, but it is not quite so bloated if you have Reader 7 and I may be quite wrong here (I NEARLY made quite a bad mistake in 1959, aND I definitely made a HUGE one in 1963) but it seems to me that its "find" works very well, which is important in a Help.

I actually launch this and other PDFed Helps independently for easier access.

Cheers, Geoff

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Post by scottwhitlock »

I've found Reader 8 quite nimble as well, and much more streamlined in its function. However, sometimes the text looks like poo...whereas Preview displays text beautifully.
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