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Upgrade Price

Post by bigcaat » 2007-07-15 08:12:29

I've noticed several comments on both sides, regarding the price of the upgrade. I'm leaning on the side that it's too expensive for the upgrade. Here's my reasoning:

If I were buying Nisus for the first time, I would be paying $79 - total - for the Nisus Pro program.

Since, however, long time Nisus users paid $60.00 ($59.95) for their version of Nisus, by the time we pay another $45.00, that means that we have had to spend $105 for a program that others are paying $79.00 for.

Or, to look at it another way, we are paying for another full program of Nisus Express (since they've now dropped the price to $45.00) just to get the added features, instead of actually "upgrading."

An upgrade, imo, would be taking the difference from what we paid ($60.00) to the price of the current program ($79.00) which would be $19.00. That would legitimately be an "upgrade." This way, I don't see it as an upgrade, I see it, essentially, as making us buy a program twice.

I've always sung the praises of Nisus, and I know I'm personally responsible for about 8 people buying it, as I'm sure most of the rest of Nisus users are. But I'm a little disappointed in the way they're handling this. I don't see it as being an equal solution for those who have supported them for so long.


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Interesting -- semantics

Post by gemboy27 » 2007-07-15 08:29:19

I guess everyone is calling it an upgrade, but I see it as getting a discount on a second product.

when I paid my $45, I didn't have to return my Nisus Writer Express. I just added Nisus Writer Pro to my collection of word processing programs.

Granted I don't use NWE much now --- but I don't use Nisus Writer Classic (but I still have it). I will use NWE when I need to update a web page because the way the two open .html programs.

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Post by shades » 2007-07-15 15:00:10

I had paid for the NWE originally, and now I have paid the full $79 for Nisus Pro, not the upgrade price. Even at that price it is a bargain. But I did it that way to support Nisus in its development of outstanding software.
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Post by greenmorpher » 2007-07-15 15:45:26

Hiya bigcaat

You're making no allowance for the fact that you have had several years' use out of NWE -- and not only that, you've received free upgrades/updates and maintenance so it is acvtually a better program than the one you bought.

If you had paid $59.95 some years ago for a pair of shoes instead of buying NWE, would you have received free upgrades and maintenance on them in the interim or would you be barefoot now ... and making no complaint about that fact?

And would you think you were getting the deal of the century if the shoe company was willing to take back the tattered remnants of the first pair of shoes you bought, refurbish them so they were better than new, AND provide you with a much better, stronger and more functional pair built on the same last, all for $45?

The ugprade to Pro is really not an upgrade at all in computer industry speak. It is a special transition offer or something from one program, NWE, to a new program, NWPro.

While Pro is obviously built on NWE, it is a significant step up to a new level of functionality and to a different trajectory.

NWE continues as a separate program and with your purchase of Pro, you are now licensed for TWO programs, not one.

At $45, Pro looks pretty good -- and if you can come across a deal that is nearly as good for shoes, please advise me -- my trainers are just about ready for an upgrade!

Cheers, Geoff

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