Disappearing blocks of text

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Disappearing blocks of text

Post by hatchmo » 2007-07-16 22:13:58

Frequently, when I delete a paragraph in a document, all the paragraphs above it will disappear. I cannot get them to redraw by changing magnification, resizing the document or by scrolling. The paragraphs are just gone. The only option is to Revert to the last saved version.
This occurs on two different Macs -- one a G4, the other a G5. Both have more than 2GB RAM, OS 10.4.10 and the latest software (except QT 7.2). The only smoking guns are (1) some lines have a color set; (2) quitting and restarting Nisus Writer Pro temporarily stops the behavior. This implies a memory leak to me.
Also, it takes Pro about 4 times as long as Express to slide up a lower paragraph after anything above that paragraph is deleted.
Is anyone else experiencing this?
Al Hatch

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Post by martin » 2007-07-17 00:49:26

It sounds like something is very wrong. After the problem occurs please send us a feedback report using the menu Help > Send Feedback. Hopefully we can find the cause of the problem, thanks.

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