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Reveal codes? 
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I am a former user of WordPerfect 10 and 11 (PC version, not Mac). Having switched to Mac I have used Pages '08, Scrivener, Notebook,Text Edit and Bean. A WordPerfect feature I miss using all of these is the "Reveal Codes." When I import a document I will often find that there are problems with paragraph spacing, mysterious tabs, margin problems, etc. With WP I was able to use the "Reveal Codes" feature and hunt down the offending codes and remove them. Does Nisus Writer Express (or Pro) have a similar feature?

2010-12-29 08:59:19
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Hi, and welcome to Nisus!

Nisus Writer Express does not have a Reveal Code feature similar to WordPerfect. However, if a some formatting strikes you as strange, you can simply select the paragraph and check the statusbar to see which formatting is applied. You should have a look at the help file that opens up when you click on Help>Nisus Writer Express Help; just search it for "statusbar" to get a detailed explanation of what all the symbols in the statusbar mean.

2010-12-29 14:53:25

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Thanks much. I will look into that. I have been considering NW for a couple of years now and I think it's time to buy it.


2010-12-29 15:02:09

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Not yet, I'm afraid. I got distracted.

2011-03-11 13:54:04
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