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So Window Tabs Are Not Permanent, Correct? 
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NWP v 2.1.6 Mac mini late 2012 macOS 10.12.1
New User here.

Got an email tip from Nisus regarding Windows and tabs. I had two windows open used Window > Merge All Windows and now I have one window with two tabs. Clicked 'Save". Closed the NWP. Relaunched. I was surprised to see two windows open. I was expecting to see the one window with two tabs.

My question: The window "tab" state is not permanent after saving and closing NWP. Is this correct?

Appreciate any comments or suggestions if it should be otherwise.

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

2016-11-04 17:29:02
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Hello Fillip. Welcome to our forums, and to using Nisus Writer!

Although Nisus Writer supports macOS Sierra's tabbed document windows feature, I'm sorry to say that Nisus Writer will not restore joined/tabbed document windows after you quit and relaunch the app. Nisus Writer does restore the size, position, selection, etc, for single document windows, but it does not restore which documents are joined together into a tabbed window.

I'll file this as a potential future enhancement. Thank you for letting us know.

2016-11-07 14:17:33
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UPDATE: Yeah Baby!
Found a way to make a keyboard shortcut to merge all windows when using "any" macOS app.

Here's the link:
Steps Pasted Below: (Note: I've changed the wording from "Finder" to "Nisus Writer Pro")
1. Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu and go to “Keyboard”
2. Choose the “Shortcuts” tab and then select “App Shortcuts” from the left side menu
3. Press the [+] plus button to create a new shortcut
4. From “Application” select “Nisius Writer”, and set ‘Menu Title’ to “Merge All Windows
5. Click into the “Keyboard Shortcut” box and hit your preferred keystroke ( I used: Command+Control+m).
6. Exit System Preferences, and visit Nisus Writer Pro with multiple windows open to try out your new merge window keyboard shortcut
>>>> A-batta-bing-a-batta-boom, worked like a charm, windows, you have been 'tabbed'. \(*<>*)/

Hi Martin,
Thank you for 'filing for a future enhancement'. \(*<>*)/

It's custom here to show thanks and appreciation with a bow... m(_ _)m

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

2016-11-07 17:36:31

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For those who, like me, do NOT want window tabs, here's how to disable them in Sierra.

Go to System Preferences > Dock, and find the item "Prefer tabs when opening documents." Change the pop-up menu to "Manually."

It's strange that this item would be in the Dock section, but there it is.

So far this has been working fine for me.

2016-11-08 20:06:20
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What Fillip wants can be achieved if you set System Preferences:Dock>"Prefer tabs when opening documents" pop-up menu to "Always",

2016-11-09 02:11:20
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@ Hamid & mountainman,
Awesome! I didn't realize that you could control NWP tabs this way. So there are TWO ways. The way I explained it will let you set a specific App to be tabbed. Using your suggestion would make all Apps go tabbed.

Thank you for making it clear. Always nice to learn something new. \(*<>*)/

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

2016-11-09 14:03:53
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