How Do I Change Change NWP Window Position?

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How Do I Change Change NWP Window Position?

Post by deltanick » 2017-10-30 09:39:49

When I launch NWP, I get an untitled page along the left-hand edge of my Mac's screen, which is the way I want it. However, when I open any subsequent page -- whether a new page or a saved file -- it is positioned about 1/4" to the right of the screen edge. How can I get all subsequent pages to open directly atop the initial page, along the left-hand screen edge?

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Re: How Do I Change Change NWP Window Position?

Post by adryan » 2017-10-30 13:49:00

G’day, deltanick et al

Depending on your version of the operating system, you can elect to open subsequent documents as tabs within the initial window:–

System Preferences > Dock > Prefer tabs when opening documents > Always

Note that this will then apply to all applications that support tabs, not just Nisus Writer Pro. If you only want to use tabs in NWP, use the command:–

Nisus Writer Pro > Window > New Tab

One could create a keyboard shortcut for this if desired.

If instead you prefer not to use tabs but to have all new NWP documents open directly on top of the first, try altering the Nisus New File template in order to encourage it to reflect more deeply on its position in life:–

Nisus Writer Pro > Preferences > New File > Advanced > Open for Editing…

Having done this on my computer, though, I noticed some peculiarities.

If I jam the New File template window against the far left of the screen, Save, Close Window and then New, the new window is shifted a few pixels to the right. This happens with some other applications as well, so it probably relates to some default behavior in the operating system.

But I also note the behavior you observe; ie, repeated invocations of the New command result in a stack of superimposed windows that is offset to the right by a somewhat larger amount from the initial window. It looks like a design decision, but I’m not sure of the rationale. It’s not something I have noticed because I have my Nisus New File abutting against the right edge of the screen and no such stack offsetting occurs there. This occurs whether or not the Tooldrawer is showing.

If you want your windows at the left of the screen, you can set your Tooldrawer to open on the left and have it abut against the left edge of the screen. There will then be no stack offset.

Having done all this testing, I now observe inconsistent behavior of the stack. No Tooldrawer, window at left of screen, no stack offset. No Tooldrawer, window more centrally placed on the screen, stack offset is observed.

So, although there are ways to superimpose documents, there appears to be a problem with the implementation of New File which should really be addressed in the next update.

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