Nisus aks for server while starting

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Nisus aks for server while starting

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We are 6 Mac users, that have all Nisus documents on a server together with File Maker documents. Now we moved all the Nisus documents to a new server. The File Maker documents remainded on the old server. We want a strict separation of the two servers. That' s why Nisus should not be able to save documents on the old server and should not get in contact with the old server anymore. Now we have the problem, that Nisus - while starting - always wants 9 times the permission to get in contact with the old server. But there are no Nisus documents on this server anymore. We have tried everything, but we could not prevent Nisus to ask for the old server while starting. Has somebody an idea, what we have to remove or to delete? Or is there an invisible document or a preference to change? Thanks for help Peter

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Re: Nisus aks for server while starting

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G'day, Peter et al

Perhaps you did not close all the Nisus documents before you moved them to the new server, so NWP is still trying to find and open them at launch.

Nisus Writer Pro > Preferences > General >Application

Note the checkbox for "On application launch, restore previously open documents.".

If the checkbox is ticked, unticking it should stop the launch behavior you are experiencing. But, if you do in fact desire this launch behavior, as long as it accesses the correct server, you will need to either open the files once more on the old server and then close them, or somehow get NWP to forget the files entirely. I confess I’m not exactly sure how to go about the latter course when it comes to files on servers. You might try deleting Nisus Preferences or using the Document Manager to delete open documents. Just make sure you have backups of your documents in case of mishap. If all is successful, you should be able to tick the checkbox once more without NWP trying to access the wrong server.

If this checkbox was already unticked, it sounds as though you are trying to open files by using aliases that point to the old server instead of to the new one.

I hope this helps.

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