uneven line spacing

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uneven line spacing

Post by dushanm »

In version 4.2 I’ve noticed quite often that the line spacing is uneven, even tho there is no apparent reason: no Bold, Underline, or font/size change. This was not visible in earlier versions of NWE. Is exists both in the screen appearance and in the printed version of the same document. Is there a way to fix this?
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Re: uneven line spacing

Post by martin »

There are many reasons why line spacing can be uneven. Usually the culprit is non-uniform text formatting like fonts, but special characters may also cause uneven spacing. That can occur if a special character (eg: thin space) is taller than the surrounding regular text, or if font substitution has occurred.

The quickest solution is to simply change your paragraph spacing to fixed spacing.

If you need help identifying the cause of uneven spacing we'd be happy to help you. Please just send us a file via the menu Help > Send Feedback and we'll take a look.
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