NWP Bookends link does not work

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NWP Bookends link does not work

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I am using NWP 3.3 and Bookends 14.0.7 on a mac-mini2018 and mac Os 11.7 (Big Sur). I cannot get Bookends to integrate with NWP. When I go to scan, the process starts but aborts almost instantly. BE works well with MSWord (latest) and with Mellel 5.0. Have discussed this with Sonny software and they are not sure what is going on. I see that in the past there was a NWP/BE conflict. Has this arisen again?
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Re: NWP Bookends link does not work

Post by martin »

I'm sorry that you're having trouble. I'm not aware of any current Bookends incompatibility.

Once your document is sent to Bookends for processing/scanning, it's in the hands of Bookends to complete the process and return the formatted document to Nisus Writer. So please follow up with Sonny Software and let us know the outcome of their investigation. If they suspect Nisus Writer is the culprit or a factor, we can certainly investigate from our end as well.
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