Comparing Nisus Classic to Nisus Writer Pro

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Comparing Nisus Classic to Nisus Writer Pro

Post by Vanceone »

Greetings all,

So I was wondering: Nisus Classic when it left off was a very powerful word processor. I believe Nisus essentially started from scratch in building the OS X version (as I recall, Nisus Writer Express came first a few years before Pro came out as they rebuilt it).

So, now that it has been a decade or so since Nisus Writer Pro has come out, how does it stack up against Classic? Classic did things like embed sounds which Pro does not, though I suspect that is a feature that has simply not had any appeal with the rise of Keynote and other more dedicated presentation software.

Are there other features from Classic which haven't made it yet into Pro that should come and was Classic "Better?" Then of course there are things Pro does better than Classic, so overall for those who have used both, what's the verdict?

I didn't use Nisus Classic enough to truly get a feel, though I have a copy floating around somewhere.
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Re: Comparing Nisus Classic to Nisus Writer Pro

Post by phspaelti »

Here's are a few features that I remember Nisus Classic having that I (sometimes) miss.
  • Multiple character styles applied to the same text
  • Automatic numbers that could be anywhere in the text, not tied to a list style
  • Transparent/hidden text
  • Automatic macros, that would run on certain actions
  • "Insert Page as Graphic"
The graphic editor had different features, that allowed you to draw some things more easily, but the specifcs escape me at this time. Since Classic macros allowed clicks to be programmed you could do a variety of things that are no longer possible, including drawing graphics.
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