v.2.7 doesn't work on an Intel Mac?

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v.2.7 doesn't work on an Intel Mac?

Post by kaspian » 2008-06-26 10:36:24

I find that since moving to a new Intel-based Mac, NWE version 2.7 no longer works for me.

Does this mean that upgrading to 3.x is absolutely necessary now? I'm not adamantly opposed to the idea, but version 2.x was a totally reliable workhorse for me, and I kind of hate to give up on it.

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Re: v.2.7 doesn't work on an Intel Mac?

Post by martin » 2008-06-26 11:21:49

NWX 2.7 works on Intel Macs, but won't reliably run on Leopard, which your new machine probably is running. It's nothing we did intentionally- some things inside OSX just changed around quite a bit for Leopard, making our code unstable. Sorry for the trouble, but you'll probably have to upgrade.

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Re: v.2.7 doesn't work on an Intel Mac?

Post by RhetRx » 2008-07-07 10:35:52

Wow. I hadn't thought that being so far out of date would actually work in my favor. I just upgraded to a MacBook Pro, running Leopard, and I've got Express v2.0 up and running. I'll only be reading files right now, so I'm assuming that as long as I'm doing simple navigation of the text and not expecting to tinker with format, things will be stable enough.


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