Nisus Crashes Frequently :(

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Nisus Crashes Frequently :(

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Lately, I have been having the experience of NW 6.5 crashing during long sessions. I can't quite pick out a pattern, but it may have to do with quickly scrolling, using the layout mode, and perhaps when I'm working with footnotes. The crash is sudden and I have taken to saving manually. At this point, I'm using OS X.2.4. According to the HP people, I can't go any higher due to compatibility issues with my Laserjet 3330.

By the way, I saw an exchange about not being able to print in Classic to an HP printer and that is now my experience as well (it wasn't until HP updated the software for the 3330 to make Jaguar compatible). They say that the only thing to do is to print in Classic. A drag and another reason to wait anxiously for a full version of Nisus for OS X.

Please help?
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Re: Nisus Crashes Frequently :(

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I'm sorry you experience difficulties with Nisus Writer Classic.

But, you should know that there is "a full version of Nisus for OS X". It's called Nisus Writer Pro.
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