Nisus writer classic/Nisus writer 6.5

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Nisus writer classic/Nisus writer 6.5

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8) I was wondering what the difference was between Nisus writer classic and Nisus writer 6.5? I have a mac G4/400/256Mb Ram/10Gb HD. I've used 6.5 but then I read that Nisus classic does web pages?

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I don't work for the company, so this may not be the official definition but "Nisus Writer Classic" seems to be the term they use to describe the Nisus Writer 1.0 - Nisus Writer 6.5 (as opposed to Nisus Writer Express). It is like you say "Word" when referring to any version of Word (1.0 - 2003). Because the OS X versions of Nisus Writer are not really related to the OS 6-9 versions of Nisus Writer, they needed to do something to differentiate the two products.

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