Urgent help needed with NW 6.5!

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Urgent help needed with NW 6.5!

Post by Scott152 »

I know this is the wrong place to post this. Please accept my apologies. I'm hoping someone here will know how to help me. Suddenly, I'm at risk of losing 22 years of work that I started with Nisus 1.0 in 1989. I have three OS X machines, but use an OS 9.2.2 machine for my work, which is teaching physics. My menu bar is corrupted, and NW 6.5 crashes a lot. This just started today. I know about rebuilding the desktop, zapping the PRAM, turning off extensions, etc. but I think I'm going to have to reinstall NW 6.5. My workspace with NW 6.5 is heavily customized with hot keys, macros, all kinds of stuff that I do not want to lose. Can anyone help me with this? Please email me at SRBevans@AOL.com if so.
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I'll post this up as its sorts out crashing!

Post by davidchristmass »

Goodday Scott, not exactly an urgent response, but quick as I got the
message and instant response.

Here is the low dow, spent lots of time on this, so read on exactly.

Mac OS requires and installs a symbol font that font resides in the
fonts folder, as a suitcase, get info on that suitcase, you should read
it says mac os 9 right? wrong,

Nisus installs its own fonts, this is above and beyond the I am telling
you you need these fonts to work the equation tool and editor,

the wrong symbol font causes anything from non functioning, to random crashing.

You need to ensure the symbol font and equation fonts are kept in a safe
place, as a backup, else you have to do a nisus reinstall to put them
on. If you don't have them extracted, rename the nisus folder to say x
nisus, and just do a custom minimum install of the fonts, when you have
installed the right ones, rename the old folder back to how it was, and
delete the newer folder, do a desktop rebuild, but next read this its important.

after any change to font, you need to delete the registry document
containing the list of fonts you have, its probably not too essential on
this matter as the symbol font will be replaced by a symbol font.

If you look at the symbol briefcase instead of saying apple or such it
say na, the actual file that makes all the difference is the symbol
font, not any of the others, ie symbol 12 14 etc in sizes of fonts in
the briefcase, its the first file.

If you don't trash the font registry document, which is called Nisus
font cache, in the preferences folder, and the font prefs of all other
word doc programs word font cache, adobe font.ls appleworks fonts claris
fonts uncle tom cobblys old font from his custom bespoke program
company, you get program crashing.

There is more, read on, opening a document too large, make sure the
memory allocation, ie get info, scroll down to memory in that window and
give it some beefy size, you get troubs.

Here is one the help file, nisus installs help in the help folder, I
discovered there is javascript in the instructions, as they are designed
for a browser, truth they should be for the help system, the help system
of the mac can cause problems, the help viewer, which lives in a folder
of that name should have a meaty amount of memory, there are two of
three versions, it gets worse the nearer to mac os x you get, help uses
an index, in that index you got it, there get javascripts, and then woe
buddy a search in help stalls the whole system down requiring a control
quit form the help viewer, you know the escape sequence.

In the prefs folder apple help viewer prefs resides a sh#!. . . who
cares trash the whole of that folder, if there nothing of use in it, open
the help folder in the system folder, trash the file help center help
centre you know we get a bit funny about that, one of them will be
there, get shot of it, then select help from the main system, the file
comes back complete with all the help files you have, current in the
system, the apple help prefs get returned afresh, here the trouble is
caused by a file help accessor something of that kind of name, sometimes
its carbon compliant, sometimes its not, and carbon ain't compatible
with normal mac systems, carbon versions differ and well a whole hogs
worth of agro occurs.

Do nisus installs after word, anything to do with gates os you know its
gonna stall, dont believe word, believe apple and nisus.

Maclink comes before nisus, you want to trash maclink import translator
prefs and export translator prefs, you want to trash xtnd prefs from the
folder, dont worry they come back when you run appleworks or the first
wp package that requires them. to get a full portfolio of translators
you want to use nisus first, after trashing those, run it, and it will
gather and remake the xtnd prefs file on your current selection of
translators installed on your system.

Then run appleworks if you have it or something requiring maclink
translation. Maclink prefs files come back then.

Gates on 97 released a patch, I found none of the wordperfect ms
translators that only work with word 5.1 and 6 functioned, ms word
crashed regular, on opening and saving those doc types. the problem
there is that of calling the dedicated translator and finding that
maclink overides them, or word overides maclinks here the problem
relates to the embedding prefs in the prefs folder, you cant just trash
it, it comes as part of the word install, you have to back it up, losing
it, causes failure to read equations and translations, maclink patches
this file, or word patches this file, so word only sees and uses words
own translators, thats gates all over, you paid for the full monty, but
he ain't letting it work with his part of the deal, a pregnant fish
comes to mind here!

I spent hours on the conflict, then came the batch processor, as a extra
that enables the 97 and word 6 import parts of word to read such files
on word, here we look for a file called windows metafile, in the old 5.1
install, the metafile works well with the translators except wordperfect
5 but after the batch install, the metafile does strange things, I
pulled a later metafile from box of old parts of a segmented word 6
package, and the windows metafile 1.2.1 not 1.2.0 made all the
difference to functioning with the word 6 translators the batch
processing translators and the word 97 translators making them
compatible to and with the older translators. In that install, ensure
most of the ms transltors have long version numbers, ie not v1.0 etc, he
seems to have changed things somewhere along the way, and the older v1
seem incompatible with the newer longer ones you may have.

If you can get shot of word, its a blessing to do so, I post message and
letters as graphics and pictures, or html, and kiss the ass of
translation troubles right out down the road.

The more you get away from microsoft, the better things are, believe me,
I knew those sh#! at school, they were always the psudueo
professionals, always the obstruction.

You get desperate, stick the whole disk on a zip disk sort the system
out, and put it back after!

I think I covered everything?

Shall I just suggest, a quicktime refresh install, just to bless the
beast, and its good bye all woes and griefs, hello nisus!º
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