opening wordperfect?

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opening wordperfect?

Post by llscholes »

Hi, I'm fairly new to Nisus, but know that one of the "selling points" of Writer Express was the ability to open Wordperfect files. I was using 3.5 in System 9 and hate Word, which is why I switched to Nisus when I switched to OS entire life is in WordPerfect and I have a workaround for it (MacLinkPlus), but it'd be great if I could open my Wordperfect files directly in Nisus. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Post by MacSailor »

I have also tried to open documents from wp 3.5e and even from Abiword 2.1.1 but none of them succeeded to be opened or translated by NWE.

I really hope that this option or feature will be improved in the next version of NWE (2.0).
Peter Edwardsson

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Post by charles »


The support for both Wordperfect and AbiWord should be improved in 2.0. We have not yet determined the extent of these improvements, but it should be "better". :smile:

Charles Jolley
Nisus Software, Inc.

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