Macro 'newbie' - Modifying a custom macro

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Macro 'newbie' - Modifying a custom macro

Post by jazzdoc007 » 2012-10-11 08:25:52

Hello All:
My name is Paul Kelner. I have used NWP intermittently for years....and now find that I am essentially using it exclusively. I teach in a distance learning institution and use Moodle and BlackBoard. Prior to upgrading to NWP 2.04, I wrote Nisus Customer Service to inquire as to whether there existed any Macros that would convert multiple choice questions exported from moodle in 'Gift' format into RTF/Doc/Docx format. Unfortunately, I often find myself needing to do this - and it is incredibly cumbersome manually. Not only did the CSR answer my question, but he also sent me a Macro custom written for the conversion I required (I had attached samples of the exported text and the formatting that I desired). The individual who wrote the macro also attached a caveat stating that the macro was specific to the samples that I provided, and any variation would require that the macro be 'tweaked'. That is where I find myself. Actually, nothing changed that I am aware of......but there is one small issue with the reformatted document. I initially started to educate myself regarding writing and editing macros - and I know that I will eventually find the time to do that. But, similar to everyone else trying to earn a living, time is precious (I obviously spend an inordinate amount of time writing excessively long emails...) and it will take me too long to obtain the skill required to 'tweak' the macro. I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask for help with this...but I am hoping that I can find a macro 'veteran' who will either assist me with modifying the macro or at least point me in the right direction to locate assistance. I have attached the macro and the before and after formats with comments. I sincerely appreciate any input regarding this issue.


P.S. - I am aware of the repository of Macros accompanying this forum....but if there are any other collections of Macros specific to moodle, blackboard or that will find and delete HTML,etc... commands, I would greatly appreciate the URL(s).
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Re: Macro 'newbie' - Modifying a custom macro

Post by martin » 2012-10-17 14:40:14

Hi Paul,

I can certainly understand not having enough time to learn and tweak NWP macros, especially complicated ones like the Moodle/GIFT cleanup macro. As I'm the one who wrote the macro you attached here, I'm in the best position to help you out. What kind of tweaking did you need to get done? The best would be to have some examples of the kinds of Moodle/GIFT questions that you'd like to process using NWP macros. With that, hopefully we can help.

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