windows lost on restart and other Space oddities

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windows lost on restart and other Space oddities

Post by credneb » 2015-04-10 07:44:06

This problem is not new with v2.1.

I work with a large external monitor connected to a MBPro. There are often 3 or more documents open at once, perhaps with some on the laptop screen. Even with none on the laptop screen, the following happens.

1. Arrange 3 documents side by side on the external monitor, each saved with changes after positioning them. (docs 1 - 3 left to right)
2. Quit and then restart NWP.
3. Doc-1 on the external screen appears on the left side of the laptop screen.
4. Doc-2 (middle) document appears on the right side of doc-1 on the laptop.
5. Doc-3 vanishes into the "space" btw the two screens, but is open and selected (checked) in the Window menu.
6. the Nisus menu bar appears grayed on the external screen.

If there are only 2 docs open on the external screen at the left and right edges of the screen and space for a doc-2 in the middle, and you quit and restart NWP, doc-1 appears at the left of the laptop screen, nothing on the right, and doc-3 again invisible.

The only way to revive doc-3 in either scenario is to close it with cmd-W or the menu and then reopen it, at which time it opens in the location it was before NWP quit.

If documents are spread open on both screens, you go to another application on either screen in a different Space than NWP, come back to NWP, and select Open, the file dialog often opens in what appears to be the last Space you were in (not the one NWP is in)

Similarly, if documents are spread across both screens, I'm working on a document on the external screen, go to a document on the laptop screen and makes some changes without saving them, then return to the external screen document and run a macro on that document, the macro acts on the other document sometimes (not infrequently).

Don't know whether these are OSX or NWP issues, but another issue I figured was a NWP problem I have since learned was not.

The above all repeat frequently (although the exact sequence of actions causing B and C I have not pinned down -- they happen unexpectedly ;) ) and are mainly annoyances, except C. Any known cause? Solution?

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