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"Keep with following" not available when I need it. 
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Preamble: I run a small literary magazine, the Journal of Poetics Research, at
I supply articles in HTML form on a WordPress site there.
Each article is also supplied as a downloadable PDF file -- academics seem to like and demand that.

Because quotes from articles can't be referenced by the page number of the article they came from -- there are no "pages" as such in HTML files -- I provide paragraph numbers for that purpose. But when I convert the HTML file to an RTF file in Nisus, and then export the edited file as a PDF, the paragraph numbers sometimes occur just before a page break, thus losing their connection to the following paragraph.

I have tried clicking the "Keep with following" box in the Paragraph Tool Drawer in the hope of solving that problem, but when a paragraph number is highlighted, those boxes become invisible and un-choosable. Perhaps this is because the paragraph number is formatted as range right, 9 point, grey, so as to be relatively unobtrusive, and the following paragraph is formatted range left, 11 point and black.

Is there a solution to this problem?

I have InDesign 6.0 and Adobe Acrobat Pro, both of which can output PDF files, but each offers a workflow path filled with complications and opportunities for errors. Nisus seems simple and useful -- except for this problem.

I attach screenshots of the PDF file showing the problem, and the original HTML file, which doesn't show the problem.

Many thanks

John Tranter, Sydney

problem-par-nos-html-file.jpg [ 77.65 KiB | Viewed 1560 times ]
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2014-09-15 15:05:05
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Hi John,
nothing in what you describe gives any indication of why what you want to do isn't working. You could try posting a little snippet of the file here (or sending it to Nisus using the feedback button in the help menu).


2014-09-15 18:19:17

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The kindly computer engineering folk at Nisus have provided a way of turning on Paragraph Numbering that seems to solve the problem: hint: it's hidden under View > Line Numbers > Show paragraph numbers this section. The trick is to start a new Section (on the same page) and apply Paragraph numbering to that, then make them flow "from right to left" to get them on the right-hand margin, then (I forget how just now) apply a color.

I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks, Nisus! :)

JT, Sydney

2014-09-15 21:59:01
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