Graphics: Images and Shapes

This portion of the manual shows you how to work with graphic images and shapes. The sections include

Work with Various Types of Graphics 196

Import Images 198

Resize an Image 203

Crop an Image 204

Edit images using Markup 206

Image opacity 204

Work with Floating Images 207

Delete shapes and floating images 207

Use the Shape Wrap palette 209

Make an inline image into a floating image 209

The Shape Anchor 210

The contextual menus for inline and floating images 211

The Shape Bounding Box 213

Align a floating image 214

Cause text to wrap around an image 215

Set the padding text leaves around an image 218

Cause text to appear on top of, or behind an image 219

Cause images to appear around text; create a “screen” behind text

Make a floating image an inline image 221

Work with Shapes 224

Insert shapes 224

Add a shape to your document 224

Use the Shapes palette 224

Text and Callout boxes 225

About Text and Callout Boxes 225

Add a text or callout box 226

Add a caption to your images 233

Draw lines and arrows 234

Geometric type shapes 236

Modify shapes 237

More tools on the Shapes palette 237

Select floating shapes without selecting text 239

Rearrange the front to back order of various floating shapes

Cause selected objects to function as a single unit 241

Cause grouped objects to function as a individual items 241

Work with multiple selected shapes 241

Use the Shape Fill palette 242

Use the Shape Shadow palette 243

Use the Shape Metrics palette 244

Move selected shapes by precise, designated amounts 245

Resize selected shapes by precise, designated amounts 245

Rotate selected shapes 246

The Canvas 247

Working with a Canvas 247

Additional tools for working with shapes 249

Set a preferred appearance for future drawn shapes 249

Copy the appearance of one shape to apply to a different shape

Duplicate shapes 250

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