Nisus Writer Express User Guide

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Front Matter

   Table of Contents

Welcome to Nisus Writer Express

   About Nisus Software

   About Nisus Writer Express

      System Requirements

   Get Help

         Self Help

         Contact Support

   This Documentation

      Documentation Structure

      Documentation Conventions

   Install Nisus Writer Express

      From where did you purchase Nisus Writer Express?

         Purchasing Nisus Writer Express from the Mac App Store

         Purchasing Nisus Writer Express from Nisus Software, Inc.

         Install Nisus Writer Express on your Macintosh

   First Startup

      Welcome to new users!

      Enter your license key

         Designate where supplemental tools are stored

      Make sure your copy is up to date

         What? Another version? How did that happen?

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Get Started

   Quick Start

   Open or Start Nisus Writer Express

      Open a New or Existing File

         Open a new file

            Customize your new document “template”

         Open an existing file

      Enter Text in Your New or Existing File

         Write in a language other than American English

         Enter right to left text

      Modify the Appearance of Your File

      Save Your File

         Save files in Nisus Writer Express

         Save your file and give it a name

         Save your file after making changes

         Save your file with a new name and/or in a new location

         Prevent changes from being saved

         Save your file automatically

      Print Your File

         Print an open document

         Create a PDF of your document


   “The Grand Tour”

      Windows, Bars, Buttons, Pointers and Palettes

         The Nisus Writer Express window

         The Nisus Writer Express icon in the Dock

         The Menu Bar

         The Title Bar

         The windows

         Insertion Point

         Mouse cursors

         Mouse and/or Trackpad Use


         Keyboard shortcuts


         The Toolbar

            Display the Toolbar

            Alter the Toolbar display

         The rulers

         The Status Bar

            Tool tags


            Formatting tags

         The Palette Dock

            Modify the Palette Dock

               Palette Dock’s title bar.

               Display/hide the Palette Dock

               Open/close a palette in the Palette Dock

               Move a palette in the Palette Dock

               Delete a palette from the Palette Dock

               Return a floating palette to the Palette Dock

               Display a different group of palettes

            Using the Palette Dock and its palettes

            Change the of palettes in the Palette Dock

         Palettes affect your document

               Palettes inspect your selection

                  Mixed selections

            Palette controls

               Text entry controls

               Stepper Arrows

         Character and Paragraph palettes

            The Character palette

               Change the font

               Scroll through a longer list of fonts

               Change the typeface or color

               Change the size

            The Paragraph palette

               Alignment & Direction

                  Change the alignment

                  Change the direction text flows (for right to left languages)


                  Change the space between lines of text (“leading”)

                  Change the amount of space that appears above (before) a paragraph

                  Change the amount of space that appears below (after) a paragraph


                  Set the indents (line wrap area)


                  Control for widows and orphans

                  Prevent a paragraph (or paragraphs) from splitting across pages or columns

                  Keep one paragraph with the one that follows it

                  Force page breaks

            All the other palettes

               The Clipboards palette

               The Columns palette

               The Formatting Examiner palette

               The Headers and Footers palette

               The Language palette

               The Lists palette

               The Margins palette

               The Page Borders palette

               The Page Zoom palette

               The Section palette

               The Special Characters palette

               The Statistics palette

               The Styles palettes

               The Table palette

               The Table Cell Borders palette

               The Table Cell Shading palette

               The Table Cells palette

Create Documents

   Write and Edit

      Enter (Type) Text

         Enter special characters into your text

            Use the Special Characters palette

               Customize the Special Characters palette

                  Add characters to a set

                  Add your own set to the palette and menu

                  Remove characters from a set or an entire set

      Write in Multiple Languages

         Set up language support

            Language preferences

               Preferred languages

               Language settings

            Choose a language in which to write

            Write in a different language

            Enter right to left text

            Mix right to left and left to right text

               Have an exclamation point appear correctly in a left to right string of right to left text

               Have the period appear correctly in a left to right sentence that ends with a right to left word

               Insert a right to left table in a left to right section

         Advanced language customizations

            Installing spelling dictionaries

            Custom languages

            Language flag icons

      Select Text

         Select text using the mouse or trackpad

         Select a column of text (rectangular selection)

         Select text from different places in the document (multipart selection)

            What you can (and cannot) do with text of a multipart selection

         Select all the text in your document

         Select everything in your document

         Select everything not selected

         Invert the selection of a small area of text

         Select using the keyboard

         Other methods of creating a multipart selection

         “De-select” text from a selection

      Copying Text

         Copy text

         Copy text only, not its formatting

         Copy formatting only, not its text

      Drag and Drop

      Cutting Text

         Cut text

         Delete text

      Pasting Text

         Paste text

         Paste text only, not its formatting

         Paste formatting only, not its text

      Move, Delete, and Replace Text

      Using the Clipboards

         Add text or images to the Clipboard

         Edit the Clipboard’s contents

         Copy and paste styled text

         Copy and paste rulers

         Clipboard Tools

            Use the Clipboards palette

            The Clipboard tag on the Status Bar

            The Clipboard preferences

               Choose which Clipboard to use

               Add a Clipboard

               Change the name of a Clipboard

               Delete a Clipboard

      About Lists

         List styles

         List interface

         Using lists

            Start a list

            Stop a list

            Add list bullets to paragraphs

            Add list numbers to paragraphs

         List levels

            Increase the list level

            Decrease the list level

         List numbering

            Restart numbering

            Continue numbering

            Automatic numbering formats

         Modify list styles

            Edit list style levels

               List level settings for list items

               List level indents

               List level character formatting

               List level paragraph formatting

         Use list styles to automatically number figures, tables, etc.

         Create numbered lists that may have a component missing

         Align a numbered list along a period

      Recover From Mistakes

         Undo an action

         Redo an action

   Manage… Save and Open Files

      Save Files


            Autosave and new files

               Autosave new files without interruption

         Manual Save

         Formats of saved files

            Rich Text Format (RTF)

            Microsoft Word Format (.doc)

            Document Template (.dot)

            Nisus Compressed Rich Text

            Plain Text

            Nisus Perl Macro

            Rich Text Format Directory (RTFD)

         Saving Files Tasks and FAQ

            How do I rename an existing file?

            How do I change my document’s file format?

            What's the best way to share documents with Microsoft Word?

            How do I decrease the size of my files?

      Export Files

         Export As PDF…

         Export Formats

            Microsoft Word Format (binary .doc)

            Microsoft Word XML (DOCX / Office 2007 Open XML)

            Open Document Format (ODF/.odt XML)

            Rich Text Format (limited features)

            Plain Text


                  Font Size

            HTML Chapters

                  Chapters Split By

                  Font Size


      Open Files

         Open automatically saved and closed files

         Determine what displays when you open a file

         Open any document as “new” or “Untitled”

         Prevent Nisus Writer Express files from opening in TextEdit?

         Open Microsoft Word documents in Nisus Writer Express

         More about opening files

      Manage Files

         The Document Manager

         Display the Document Manager

         Set up the Document Manager using the Doc Manager preferences

            Determine the location of your Document Manager folder

            Choose file listing options for the Document Manager window

            Choose whether or not to show file extensions in the Document Manager window

         Work with your files so that the Document Manager can help you manage them

            Save all your files automatically to the Document Manager

            Save your file (as needed/desired) to the Document Manager

            Save your file to the Document Manager with a new name

            Move your file to the Document Manager

            Add your file to the Document Manager

            Display and sort files managed by the Document Manager

            Create special groups of files

               Add a Custom Group

               Add a Folder Group

               Remove a group from the Document Manager

               Rename a group in the Document Manager

            Find a particular file or files among those listed in the Document Manager

            See a preview of your file

            Open a file using the Document Manager

            Additional features of the Document Manager

               Using the buttons of the Document Manager window

               Using the contextual menus of the Document Manager window

   Format Text

      Text Formatting Topics

         See Text Formatting

      Format Characters

         Use the Character palette to format text

            Change the font of text

               Scroll through a longer list of fonts

               Preview font changes

            Change the size of characters

               Change the size of characters to a size not listed on the menu

               Increase or decrease the size of characters by a specific amount

         Font substitution

            How to fix font substitution

         Add a font to your System

         Change the format of characters

         Change the format of characters using the “Dropper”

         Manually override formatting

            Example 1

            Example 2

            Example 3

      Format Paragraphs

         Set the indent or outdent (“hanging indent”) position of the first line of a paragraph

            Create a normal indent

            Create a hanging indent

         Quickly indent or outdent a selected range of paragraphs

         Set the text wrap area

         Set the text wrap area numerically

         Set the text wrap area using the keyboard

         Set the text wrap area using the Paragraph palette

         Justify “align” text

         Set spacing between lines

            Keep your lines from spreading when using superscript or footnotes/endnotes

            Allow your lines to spread when using superscript or footnotes/endnotes

         Set spacing between paragraphs

         Control how paragraphs split and stick together

            Prevent widows and orphans

            Keep selected paragraphs together

            Keep one paragraph with the following one

            Ensure and/or force a break before a selected paragraph

         Set tabs

            Set a tab visually

            Set a tab using the menus

            Use leader tabs

            Set the type of leader before placing a tab

            Move a tab indicator using the mouse or trackpad

            Move a tab indicator using the keyboard

            Edit a tab’s location numerically

            Remove a tab Indicator

         Selecting paragraphs with different formatting

            Set the same format for a group of differing paragraphs

      Style Sheets

         Introduction to Style Sheets

            The various tools for using styles

            Apply a style to your text

            The Styles palettes interface

               The difference between various kinds of styles

               Supplied styles

                  Styles of the Paragraph Styles palette

                  Styles of the Character Styles palette

                  Styles of the Lists palette

                  Styles of the Note Styles palette

            The styles palettes’ menus

               The “…” (ellipsis, or options) menu

               The style icon button menu

                  The style icon button menu of the Character and Paragraph Styles palettes

                  The style icon button menu of the List Styles palette

                  The style icon button menu of the Note Styles palette

               The gear menu

            WYSIWYG Styles palette

            The Style Sheet view’s interface

               See the Style Sheet associated with a document

         Edit a style

            Select more than one style

            Modify style formatting

            Change the name of a style

            Have one style inherit the formats of another

            Determine the style of the next paragraph of your text automatically

            Assign a keyboard shortcut to your style as you edit it

            Remove a keyboard shortcut from your style

            Change the sample text that illustrates your style

            Quickly remove formats that define your style

            Add or modify formats associated with your style

         Create a new style

         Find text using styles

            Find all text using a style

            Jump to the next text using a style

         Remove a style’s formats from selected text

         Remove a character format from your text

         Remove a style from your document

         Resolve conflicts between styles

         Maintain a Style Library

            Create a style library

               Import styles from an existing file

               Save a file with styles you want to the Style Library folder of the Document Manager

               Add styles to an existing Style Library file

               Save specific styles from an existing file to a Style Collection

            Use styles saved in a Style Library

               Import a style the formats of which you know

               Import a style the formats of which you do not know

               Open a Style Collection to copy text with style for pasting in another document

   Set Up a Document’s Page

      What Happens When You Choose New From the File Menu

      Set Paper Size and Margins

         Set the preferred paper size for all your documents

         Reduce or enlarge the printed area

         Determine the orientation of the printed page

            Set different orientations for different portions of your document

         Use a custom paper size

         Set the margins of the sections of your document

            Set the margins visually

            Set the margins numerically

            Set the margins by “stepping” through pre-set increments

         Mirror page placement

      Set the Number of Columns

         Set column line

         Set column and gutter width

         Balance column text

      Use the Page Borders palette to put a line around the edge of your page

         Determine which edges of the page should have lines

            Determine the pattern, width and color of the line of the page’s border

            Determine around which portion of the page’s perimeter the border appears

            Set the distance from the edge or margin the border should appear

   Headers and Footers

      Create Headers and Footers

         Insert the same header and/or footer for all pages

         Insert a header and/or a footer for even numbered pages

         Insert a header and/or footer for odd numbered pages

         First Page Special (have no number appear on the first header/footer)

         Add a title page to a document and have the numbering appear and begin at 1 on the third page

         Insert a different header or footer for each section in the document

      Edit Headers and Footers

         Display headers and footers as they appear in the document

         Edit headers or footers

            Find the header or footer for a particular section of your document

         Include images in a header or footer

         Move a header or footer higher or lower on the page

         Move a header or footer higher or lower in relation to the text of your document

      Delete Headers and Footers

         Hide headers and footers

      Number Pages

         Insert the current page number (once) on a specific page

         Display the current page number on every page

         Restart page numbering for a new section

         Restart page numbering at 1

         Display the current page number and the total number of pages in the section (or document) on every page

            Determine the format of page numbers

            Determine the format of section numbers

   Graphics: Images and Shapes

      Work with Various Types of Graphics

         Inline images

         Floating images

      Import Images

         Insert an image

            Image Insertion Options

               Link to File

               Include copy of image in document

            Image Data Preservation

         Paste an image

            LinkBack images

         Drag an image to import it

         Import a PDF

               Single Image of First Page, Preserving Entire File

               Single Image of First Page

               Text Encoded in File

               Extract Text Optically (OCR)

      Export an Image

      View image information

      Extract Text from an Image (OCR)

      Editing Images

         Select an Image

         Resize an Image

            Resize an image using the mouse

            Resize an image numerically

            Restore an image’s original size

            Restore an image’s original proportions

         Crop an Image

            Remove cropping

         Image padding

         Image opacity

         Image borders

         Edit images using LinkBack

         Edit images using Markup

      Work with Floating Images

         Delete shapes and floating images

         Use the Shape Wrap palette

            Make an inline image into a floating image

               The Shape Anchor

               The contextual menus for inline and floating images

                  The contextual menu for inline images

                  The contextual menu for floating images

               The Shape Bounding Box

               Align a floating image

               Cause text to wrap around an image

               Bounding Box of lines

               Set the padding text leaves around an image

               Cause text to appear on top of, or behind an image

               Cause images to appear around text; create a “screen” behind text

         Make a floating image an inline image

   Book Tools

      Create Sections

         Insert a new section

      Number Sections

         Insert a section number

         Restart section numbers

      Footnotes and Endnotes

         Insert a footnote or endnote

         Return to the document from the note text

         Return to a specific note from its marker in the document

         Edit a footnote or endnote

         Note references

            Note reference numbering

            Note reference formatting

         Note text

            Note text formatting

            Note style settings

               Note References

               Note Area Divider

            Make sure your notes have a uniform appearance

               Standardize the paragraph formatting of all notes

               Use note styles to standardize formatting

         Delete a footnote or endnote

         Use an asterisk or other custom symbol for note references

            Edit a custom symbol that marks footnotes and or endnotes

         Change endnotes to footnotes, or vice versa

            Change one footnote to an endnote

            Change one endnote to a footnote

            Change all footnotes to endnotes

            Change all endnotes to footnotes

         Continue footnote or endnote numbering across consecutive files

            Restart footnotes or endnotes at an assigned page number

            Restart footnotes or endnotes at an assigned note number

            Restart endnotes at an assigned endnote page number

         Find the next footnote in your document because it shares the selected style


         What is a table?

            Types of tables

         Insert/create a table

         Determine the size (number of rows/columns) of a table

         Enter text in a table

         Create a table with pre-existing text

         Enter images in a table

         Navigate among the cells of a table

         Select cells, or portions of… or the entire table

         Determine the alignment (position) of a table on the page

         Determine the alignment (position) of text in a table

            Align text in table cells along the decimal point

         Add cells to a table

         Remove cells from a table

         Sort rows of a table

         Merge cells

         Split cells

         Resize a cell

         Equalize column widths

         Equalize row heights

         Cause the table to resize to fit its contents (and settings)

         Cause the table to resize to fit the full extent of the page

         Create table headers

            Create a title for a table

            Create a row header

         Adjust the padding around the contents of a cell

         Make your tables stand out!

            Modify the lines (edges, borders, etc.) of a table

               Clear the selection of lines to modify

               Select which lines to modify

               Determine the style (pattern) of the lines

               Determine the thickness of the lines

               Determine the color of the lines

            Set the shading (color) of cells

            Determine the pattern of cells

            Set the color of the foreground and background of a cell pattern

         Remove a table

         Copy, cut and paste a table

         Copy the contents, but not the “tableness” of a table

         Find and/or replace a table and/or text in a table

Polish & Manage Documents

   View and Work in Documents

      Views, Tabs, Sidebars, Splits & Focus


            The View button

            Page View

            Draft View

            Full Screen View

            Style Sheet View

            Document Tabs

               Display your documents as tabs in existing windows

                  Use tabs to display your documents in one window

                  Open a group of documents into one window with many tabs

                  Manage tabbed windows

                  Closing tabs

                  Remove tabs from a window

                  Collect all windows into one

         Zoom In or Zoom Out

            Use the Page Zoom palette

               Show the Page Zoom palette

               Magnify, or, zoom in and out

               Show the maximum width within the Page View window

               Show the maximum width including the margins in Page View

               Show the entire width and height in Page View

               Show the text zoomed at a designated percentage in Page View

         Focus on Your Writing

         Typewriter Scrolling

   Move Around in Your Documents

      Go Back (restore prior selections)

      Moving the Insertion Point

         Move the Insertion Point Using the Keyboard

         Move the Insertion Point Using the “Select” Commands

      Other ways to move around

      Jump to a particular page

         Jump to a page via the menu

         Jump to a page via the Page Zoom palette

         Jump to a page via the Status Bar

   Proof Documents

      Check Spelling

         Check spelling using the Language palette

         Correct your typos as you type

         Set your dictionary preferences

         Correct your spelling using the keyboard and without calling up the Spelling window

         Correct your spelling using the mouse or trackpad and without calling up the Spelling window

         Correct your spelling using the mouse or trackpad and without calling up the Spelling window and add the word to your QuickFix abbreviations

         Start the spelling checker

         Set the starting point of the spelling checker

         Activate the Spelling floating window

         Replace a misspelled word using the spelling checker

         Skip words flagged by the spelling checker

            Skip all instances of a particular word

            Add a word to the Dictionary

            Remove a “learned” word to the Dictionary

            Find the next error

         Stop the spelling checker

      User Dictionaries

         Edit the Dictionary

            Remove words from the dictionary

      Use the Nisus Thesaurus

         Use the Nisus Thesaurus in the Language palette

         Use the Nisus Thesaurus as a free standing application

         Use the Nisus Thesaurus from the contextual menu

      Use Multiple Language Dictionaries

         Alternative spelling checker dictionaries

      Hyphenate your text

         Document Hyphenation

            Disable hyphenation

            Enable hyphenation

            Manual hyphenation

         Paragraph Hyphenation

         Language Hyphenation

               Hyphenation Dictionaries

               Character Wrapping Limits

         Manual Hyphenation

            Add a hyphenation point

            Prevent a hyphenation point

            Hyphens and line wrapping

         Hyphenation illustrated

      Word counts & text statistics

            Use the Statistics palette and the Status Bar to maintain a count of your writing

         Keep a running count of the characters, words and/or paragraphs of your document in your header or footer

   Paginate, Sort and More


         Set where page breaks appear

         Display a document as a continuous scroll

            See where page breaks appear

         Find page breaks in your document

      Alphabetize (Sort) Paragraphs

         Sort paragraphs

         Jumble paragraphs

      Special Formatting Tools

         Plain Text

         Remove formats from text

         Change the height of text in relation to the baseline

         Return raised or lowered text to the baseline

            Increase or decrease the height by a specific amount

         Cause letter pairs to use ligatures

         Prevent letter pairs from using ligatures

         Cause letter pairs to display closer together or further apart

            Increase or decrease the amount of kerning by a specific amount

         Prevent letter pairs from displaying closer together or further apart

         Color text

         Highlight text

            Highlight text using a color other than the current color

            Remove highlight color from your text

         Background color

            Remove background color from your text

         How highlight color and background color differ

         Use the MacOS Colors panel

            Save colors for later use

            Remove saved colors

      Clean Up Documents

         Change the case of alphabetic characters

            Make all selected characters UPPERCASE

            Make all selected characters lowercase

            Capitalize all selected words

            Make all selected words appear in sMALL cAPS

            Reverse the case of selected text

         Change the appearance of quotation marks

            Make all selected quotation marks “smart”

            Make all selected quotation marks "plain"

   Find and Replace Text and Formatting

      Normal Find

         Enter something into the Find box

         Enter something into the Replace box

         Find text, or find and replace text

         Find and/or replace the next occurrence(s) of the Find expression

            Set the search parameters


               Special Situations

         Set the replace parameters

         Reuse find and/or replace expressions

            Use a recently used find or replace expression

            Save a find or replace expression

            Use a saved find or replace expression

            Delete a saved find or replace expression


         About PowerFind

         PowerFind terminology

         PowerFind example

         Use the “Find what” and “Replace with” menus

         The PowerFind Browser

            Open the PowerFind Browser

            Resize the PowerFind Browser

            Find capitalized words (a PowerFind example)

            Select all instances of a found expression at once

            Convert a PowerFind expression to a PowerFind Pro expression

            PowerFind guidelines

            Match set

            Repeat set

            Scripts / Blocks set

               Finding and/or replacing non-Roman characters

            Special Characters set

            Special Positions set

            Wild Card set

            Transform set

         Examples of putting PowerFind to use

            Remove extra blank lines

            Remove page breaks

            Change the sequence of a pattern

            Find two neighboring duplicate paragraphs

            Change the wording of a repeated phrase containing a variable

            Convert Styles to HTML Code

      PowerFind Pro

            Exercises, or examples of putting PowerFind Pro to use

               Find a seven-digit phone number

               Find any number of trailing spaces in a document or tabs at the end of paragraphs

               Find the invisible null (ASCII (Unicode) 0) character

               Find repeated groups of characters

               Find any set of characters

            Characters with special meaning

               Modifier characters

               Parenthesized expressions

            Pre-defined wild cards

               User-defined wild cards

               [∑] (any character from a set ∑ excluding Return)

               [^∑] (any character not from a set ∑)

               Characters with a unique match

               Repeat characters

               Match characters

               PowerFind Pro find expressions

               PowerFind Pro replace expressions

               Definitions in Nisus Writer Express

            Advanced exercises, or more examples of putting PowerFind to use

               Swap the sequence of words

               Find any and/or all words that begin and end with specified characters

               Change multiple periods to ellipses

               Make sure your spaces follow the punctuation

               Make sure your punctuation appears inside quotation marks

               Replace two or more spaces with one space

               Find ten-digit phone numbers

      Use the Formatting Examiner

         Understand and Modify the Appearance of Your Document

            The Formatting Examiner Interface

            Applied Formatting

            Displayed Formatting

            Additional Tools and Displays in the Formatting Examiner

   Work with Multiple Documents

      Window basics

         Close a window

         Minimize, or, put a window in the Dock

         Redisplay a window that has been in the Dock

         Open a window to its full size

      Use the Window menu and working with multiple windows

         Choose which window displays in front

   Print Documents

      Print your document

      Determine how many copies to print

      Determine which pages to print

      Determine aspects of how your document prints

         Print page guides & “invisibles”

         Print pages in reverse order

         Print odd pages, then even pages

      PDF Export

      Create a PostScript file

Customize & Automate Solutions

   Set Preferences

      Set “Defaults” for the Application

         General Preferences Control the Application

            The Application

            The Palettes

            Text Editing

      Appearance Preferences


            Text editing areas always use Light Mode


            Insertion point (caret) blinks on/off

            Insertion point (caret) width

            Focus mode fades inactive text by


            Font menu shows preview


            Dark Mode colors vs Light Mode colors

            Edit customizable colors

               Change a particular color

               Show or hide colors

               Import and export colors

               Reset colors

            List of customizable colors

               Automatic Text

               Document Views


               Invisibles & Guides

               Marked Text


         Dark Mode

            System Appearance Preferences

            Quickly Switch Appearance Modes

      Menu Keys for Menu Commands

         Multi-key keyboard shortcuts

         Remove an existing keyboard shortcut

         Find whether a key combination is assigned to a command

      Language Preferences

         Interface Language

         Text Language

      QuickFix Preferences

         Various QuickFixes

            Enter smart quotes as you type

            Superscript ordinals as you type

            Capitalize the first word of sentences as you type

            Fix typos as you type

               Add or subtract, or modify a “typo” that gets fixed

         Glossaries and macOS System-Wide Replacements

            Create a new Glossary

            Add or remove an entry to or from a Glossary file

            Activate a Glossary file

            Enable automatic expansion of Glossary file abbreviations

            Enter a glossary abbreviation directly from the menus

            Create a new glossary abbreviation, or edit an existing abbreviation

            Import a Nisus Writer Classic Glossary file

            Delete a Glossary file

      New File Preferences

         Understanding Template (Stationery) Documents

            Make any file a template file

            Set the appearance “View” of your Nisus New File

               Determine which of the three primary views of your document displays when you choose New

               Determine how your document uses Apple’s tabbed interface

               Choose Measurement Display Options for New Documents

                  Determine the unit of measurement in any document

               Determine how the Palette Dock appears in relation to new files

               Determine whether or not “Invisibles” display in all new files

                  Customize the color of your Invisibles

               Determine whether or not Page guides display in all new files

                  Customize the color of your Page Guides

               Determine whether or not your spelling is checked as you type in all new files

            Set the “Format” of your Nisus New File

            Set certain “Advanced” aspects of your Nisus New File

               Edit your Nisus New File

               Create a template for plain text documents

               See the Nisus New File. Plain Text, or Macro Template in the Finder

               Use an existing file as a Nisus New File

               Choose a different file for your Nisus New File

               Create a Nisus New File

               Restore the “factory settings” of your Nisus New File

      Saving Preferences

         Be notified whenever you save a file

         Automatic File Saving

            Set the interval between automatic saves

            Save files automatically and never see the Save As dialog

            Set the desired location for your autosaved files

            Save backups

         Formats and encoding of saved files

            Set the preferred format for saved files

            Set the preferred encoding for saved files

         Document versioning

            List prior document versions

            Restore a prior version

            Document version browser

            Delete document versions

         What gets saved with a file

      Determine the Way the Document Manager Works

      Clipboards Preferences

      Save Preferences

      Return All Preferences to Their Original (Shipped) Settings

   Make the Toolbar Your Own

      Change the Display of the Toolbar

         Choose different displays of the Toolbar

         Customize the Toolbar

            Remove or move icons

            Add icons

         Edit a custom Toolbar item

         Remove a custom Toolbar item

   Customize the Dock and its Palettes

      Rearrange the sequence of the palette groups in the Dock

      Change the names of the palette groups in the Dock

      Determine which and how many Palette Group icons appear at the top of the Dock

      Add/subtract/rearrange and/or modify the names of specific palettes in their various groups

         Rename a palette

         Change the sequence of palettes in a group

         Delete a palette from a group

         Add a palette to a group

      Create Your Own Group of Palettes for the Palette Dock

Put It All Together

   Nisus Writer Express and the Community of Connected Applications

      The Services Menu

      Use LinkBack

         What applications support LinkBack

         Goals and non-goals

         How you might use LinkBack

            Use LinkBack with a drawing application

   Nisus Writer Express and the Internet

      Link to a location on the Internet

      Link to a File

            Link to a dragged file

      Link appearance

      Open a link

      Copy a Link to a Document on the Web

      Remove an Inserted Link

      Edit an Inserted Link

      Export Your Nisus Writer Express Documents to Share on the Web

         Export a one-page document

      Edit an HTML Document in Nisus Writer Express

      Handling Communications

         Email your Nisus Writer Express files

            Send the active document as an RTF file

            Send the active document as a PDF file

   Standardize Your Correspondence Stationery

      Format and Print Envelopes


   Send Feedback to Nisus Software Inc.

      May All Your Writing “nisus” Be a Pleasure with Nisus Writer Express


   Appendix I

      The Nisus Writer Express Menus


         Nisus Writer Express menu

         File menu

         Edit menu

         Insert menu

         View menu

         Format menu

         Table menu

         Window menu

         Help menu

   Appendix II

      Glossary of Useful Terms

   Appendix III

      Displaying Fonts and Text

         About Displaying Fonts

         How Nisus Writer Express Displays Your Text

         Typing on a Computer

         Typing Unusual Characters

            Turn on display of the Input (keyboard “flag”) menu

            Enter a character using the keyboard

            Type “special” Yiddish characters

            Set up language support on your Macintosh

            Enter Unicode text

   Appendix IV

      From Nisus Writer Classic to Nisus Writer Express

         The Nisus Men of the Past

         Making the Transition

         Open Multilingual Nisus Writer Classic Files in Nisus Writer Express

            Open a Nisus Writer Classic Document with the “esreveR” style

         More Classic


   Subject Index

   Commands & Screen Messages